Accessibility features in iOS everyone should be using: Have your iPhone read out loud to you with Speak Selection

So you just found an interesting article online but have your hands full cooking dinner? Why not have your iPhone read that article to you? iOS users with Dyslexia have been enjoying the Speak Selection feature as a way to have your device read text from apps like Safari and iBooks out loud.

1. Open the Settings app and navigate to General -> Accessibility -> Speak Selection.

Accessibility Menu - Speak Selection Circled

2. Switch Speak Selection on.

The next few steps will walk you through how to adjust the way your devices reading voice will sound. If you want, you can skip straight to step 6 to see how the default voice and settings work.

Speak Selection Menu - Speak Selection Turned On.

3. Tap on Voices and select the voice you would like your device to use.

From the voices menu you can select the reading language and for some languages you can also choose a dialect. For example I sometimes like to use the English (United Kingdom) dialect as it makes everything sound more important and I like the way it says “aluminum”. Optionally you can also switch on Enhanced Quality to improve the way the digital voice sounds but it will require your device to download a language file that can be up to 350 MB depending on the language.

Speak Selection English Menu - Enhanced Quality Turned On.

4. Adjust the Speaking Rate till you find a comfortable reading speed.

5. Optionally, you can switch on Highlight Words to make it easier to follow along as your device reads to you.

6. Open Safari then find an article and select the article’s text.

To select text in safari touch and hold your finger on top of any of the words in the article. When magnifying glass appears above your finger you can let go. Tap and drag the blue dots on the selection lines to adjust how much text is selected.

7. Tap the Speak button and relax as your device reads to you.

Safari With Article Open, Text Selected, and Speak Popup Visible.