Organizing Apps and Creating Folders on the iPad

Who doesn't love apps? Considering how cheap they are you probably have more than a few on your iPad or iPhone.  The first time you download a new app on your favorite iOS device you get a quick pop-up tutorial on how to organize apps, but who can remember that?  Don't worry because in today's tutorial we'll walk you step by step through the process of rearranging and sorting your apps into folders.

The first step to organizing your apps is to put your device into organization mode. To do this simply press and hold your finger on top of any app in the home menu till all the apps start to shake. This is organization mode where you can sort and delete apps. I like to think the apps are shaking because they are afraid you might decide to delete them off your device.

While in organization mode you can move an app by touching and holding your finger on any app and dragging it across the screen. The other apps will move aside to make room for the app wherever you want to place it. If you want to move the app to another page or create a new page for apps just drag your app to side of the screen and hold it for a moment and you'll be taken to a new page.

To create a folder drag an app directly on top of another app and hold it there for a moment. An app folder will be created and it will automatically be given a name based on the apps that are in it. To change the name of the folder just tap on the name and type in a new one. To exit the folder just tap anywhere outside of the folder.  If you change your mind and want to move an app out of a folder just open the folder by tapping on it, enter organization mode by touching and holding an app, and drag the app outside of the folder area.

When you enter organization mode you will see a small "X" in the top left corner of the app, tapping on this will delete the app from your device. Although you can easily download the app again from the App Store for free, you will lose all the information saved inside the app.

When you are done organizing you can leave organization mode by pressing the home button. All the apps will stop shaking and the iPad will return to normal use.

One more thing.  Apps can be stored on several pages which can be navigated by swiping across the screen.  There is a section of apps the bottom of the screen that are visible on every page. This is called the doc and if you have an app you use all the time this is a great place to store it. You can keep a total of 6 apps in the doc.

iPad screen with a folder holding 2 apps

iPad screen with a folder holding 2 apps