Tim Cook talks about Apple's dedication to accessibility

We just started a multi-part series on using iOS accessibility features to get the most out of your iPhone or iPad. The next part will be posted tomorrow but Tim Cook recently gave a speech while getting a Lifetime achievement award from Auburn University that I wanted to share with all of you.

His talk was about equality and human dignity and, if you can, you should take the time to listen to his words. But there was one specific part that I wanted to emphasize. A quote about Apple and accessibility:

Now, much has changed since my early days at Apple, but these values, which are the very heart of our company, remain the same. These values guide us to make our products accessible for everyone. People with disabilities often find themselves in a struggle to have their human dignity acknowledged. They're frequently left in the shadows of technological advancements that are a source of empowerment and attainment for others. But Apple's engineers pushed back against this unacceptable reality. They go to extraordinary lengths to make our products accessible to people with various disabilities from blindness and deafness, to various muscular disorders.

You can watch the entire speech here: